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Jones Battles Group LLC provides services to its clients in a responsive manner through a team of highly competent persons...it means continuously making improvements to services and exceeding the expectations of the clients.

Professional Standards

Jones Battles Group LLC, certified public accountants and business advisors, highly respects and practices the professional standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Financial Accounting Standards Board. Through these practices, the firm continually earns the respect of its clients and its professional peers.

Staff Knowledge and Experience

Jones Battles Group, LLC. looks beyond the obvious. Its clients look upon the firm as an excellent source for business advice. The firm is involved with its clients in more than just accounting and numbers, working with small business owners and staff in helping solve problems and providing guidance on business issues and decisions.


Jones Battles Group, LLC performs all activities in the most productive and cost effective manner possible. Each person in the firm strives to continually iprove his/her efficiencies to reduce total cost and improve profitabilitiy of the firm.

Meet our staff: contactUs.htm